Since almost 20 years landscape photography has been a great passion of mine. It started with looking more intensively at landscapes, maybe breathing it in or absorbing it are the right words. By doing so one sees better how the landscape unfolds, how it reveals its secrets or how the light colors the scene. You discover what potential a particular landscape has for you as a photographer when you are receptive and tuned in, Chance favours the prepared mind the late and great American landscape photographer Ansel Adams once said.

One might think that landscape is a static thing but changes always take place. Often visible like the change of seasons or the change of light in a single moment. But more often changes are subtle and scarcely observable for the human eye.

However it is not all about what is happening there outside, it too is about what happens inside, inside you. When you’re receptive and tuned in then you are able to connect yourself at a deeper level with the scenery in front of you and around you. This demands a stillness in your thoughts and mind and not being distracted by other things like daily routines. It is about creating circumstances that will help you to produce a good image.¬†For me it often works best when I’m a few weeks away from home and completely focused and concentrated on that what I love doing namely seeing great landscapes and capturing them ultimately in a way that pleases the eye and fires the imagination. This is always a challenging process and an interesting journey.

For almost four decades the United Kingdom has offered me great opportunities in outdoor pursuits, the last 20 years mainly in making landscape photographs. There’s a great variety in landscapes and the country has a very long and often stunning coastline. And where sea meets land there’s always something happening and something to do for a photographer. So you’ll find many images on this website that have been taken in the UK, wider landscapes as well as close ups.

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Klaas van der Schaaf, January 2017